About us

Bombay Management & Security Services LLP : Our strength lies in our people. Extreme caution is exercised during recruitment. Only those meeting our exacting standards pertaining to education, age, physic and mental status are considered. Appointments are made subject to successfully passing our stringent tests and pers interviews after their antecedents and integrity are thoroughly verified. Extensive training is imparted before they are deployed at our customers premises.


Many organisations succumb to the temptation to set up their own Security Department. Nothing could be most disastrous during disputes between the Management & unions or employees. Security has to be independent and management controlled, since security is an integral part of all organisations.

BMS, professional Security Agency ensures that

  • You are fully protected from both internal and external pressures
  • No connivance between employees & security personnel
  • expenses on recruitment, training, supervision and administration etc
  • No long term liabilities at all

You concentrate only on your core business. We’l provide the security blanket.


Entrusting your security to an agency that charges less can be very tempting but the damage could cost you plenty, cheap rates have extensive price tags – cutting corners in quality of service and supervision, inexperienced personnel, non-professional management, evasion of statutory obligations……


Task Force team is maintained by the company to beef-up deployed forces in case of any adverse situation. The task force members are well trained in both armed and unarmed combat. The primary role is to keep the situation under control and protect men and material. This force is introduced only with management approval whenever necessary.


  • Having full fledged offices in various cities.
  • Control Room open 24X7 with stand by team at each branch.
  • Financial Strength Operating in various cities besides Hyderabad.
  • Having good exposure to the latest security protocols in the IT sector.
  • Having a large deployment in Hyderabad especially in the IT sector.
  • We have categorized our clients based on these threat perceptions into sensitive & medium sensitive.